Thursday, June 29, 2017

An Optimistic (but no less hilarious, hopefully) Update

Greetings, World Wide Web!

So yes, it has indeed been a while since I wrote. Inspiration was lacking. Indeed, inspiration is still lacking; I have no idea what I'm about to write so let's just see where this goes, shall we? 

FITNESS. I know, I know, super weird that that's the first thing that came to mind. If you've met me and seen the size of my thighs, you would understand. So the reason why this unlikely topic has come up is because I've finally joined a gym. That's right, I've joined a gym. ME.

It's been going pretty okay though, in every other way but my finances. I just did not expect to have no decent exercise clothes and to have to get a whole other set of toiletries and to need a proper pair of shoes and SPORTS BRAS good Lord, sports bras. Who knew they were so important and so expensive? *sob sob* SO yeah, the expense was immense, pardon the unintentional rhyming.

But at least I'm finally doing something about losing all of my excess weight! My body freaked out at first, of course. Not with pain, though there was plenty of that too, but with all kinds of other symptoms. Suddenly there was insomnia happening. And heat flashes! Heat flashes are for menopausal women for goodness sake! I got a little worried until Bryan told me to just drink more water during and after my workout. Which made sense for after the workout, of course. But during the workout makes slightly less sense and only because how do you drink anything when you're panting for dear life and trying not to die???

Some of the classes I went to were pretty funny though. Not the classes themselves of course, just my dealing with them. I went for a hip hop dance class that didn't mention anywhere that it wasn't for beginners (oh my goodness how not for beginners it was) and wasn't tired at all because I wasn't following the choreography at all and mostly just stood there looking confused and lost and so very clueless. Yoga was going pretty well until the instructor told me to put my right knee on my right shoulder like it was a perfectly reasonable request.

But besides all of that, I'm going to the gym. Fingers crossed that this will finally be the time that all of this weight is lost for good. 

And on a totally unrelated note, even though I don't think it's true, I truly enjoy when people look at me in surprise and say "'ve lost weight!" So (possibly) untrue, yet so satisfying.

The Raya break was great. I pretty much lazed around the whole time except the day I finally got my new IC done. Two hours productivity (And when I say productivity of course I'm referring to sitting around reading "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" then having lunch while reading aforementioned book then playing games on my phone until, at long last, the fateful angka giliran was called. 1195. It was a glorious moment, two hours in the making.) then I went right back to lazing around. In other words, it was a fantastically relaxing break. 

On a very sad note though, two days ago one of my good friends' grandfather passed away. This friend Lisa and her family are practically family to me, and her granddad used to pick me up from school whenever dad was busy. I was terrified of his driving. I only found out recently that Lisa and her brother Reyhan were pretty terrified of his driving themselves. The sudden braking took some getting used to for sure. 

But he was just the sweetest and most adorable grand-uncle-like figure in my life and I really am sad that he's gone. But I do thank God that uncle Davis's suffering is over and that he's been called home, where I hope there's a very happy reunion going on with his dear wife. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory.

Have I rambled on enough for now? I think that's pretty good for a start, yes? 

Here's to a great rest of the week that's as cheerful as the soundtrack to Grease that I'm listening to right now. 

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